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         Parallel-H.T. Company offers the sale, reconditioning, modification of metalworking machine-tools, forge-and-pressing and other industrial equipmnet produced in Russia, CIS and other countries.

        Hot news:
       15 May 03  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       03 Apr 03  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       13 Feb 03  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       30 Jan 03  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       10 Jan 03  Prices for vertical-millers MA655U and FKRS500 are reduced, see PRICE LIST.
       13 Sep 02  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       28 May 02  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       20 Apr 02  Technical data of PL2-40 и LKP400/900 are added to SPECIAL OFFER.
       29 Mar 02  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       15 Oct 01  ATTENTION! Our office has moved. Changed address and telephones see in section CONTACTS.
       20 Jun 01  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       07 May 01  It is started site ERFURT.RU about press forging production ERFURT (Germany).
       16 Feb 01  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       23 Jan 01  PRICE LIST was renewed.
       12 Jan 01  PRICE LIST was renewed. A new section named SPECIAL OFFER was added.
       05 Dec 00  To send an empty e-mail to us is the easiest way to get our Price List in Russian: Get our Price List in English here: (Attention please! The contents of Price Lists in Russian and English are different).
       01 Dec 00  Beta-version of this site. You are welcome to ask your questions:

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